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Minimal down time is critical in the refurbishment of healthcare facilities and retail outlets. ARDEX A 55 sets a new bench mark - lay vinyl after 1 hour.

Redefining fast turnaround

Redefining fast turnaround



Project Date

Dec 2005

NSW’s Berkley Vale Private Hospital, which performs more than 40 operations each week, recently took advantage of a revolutionary new self-levelling cement when it had to remove and replace the vinyl flooring in one of its operating theatres in just one day.

A55 is a unique self-levelling cement developed by Ardex, Australia’s leading supplier of flooring products. ARDEX A55 allows floorcoverings to be installed just one hour after installation of the levelling compound – breaking Ardex’s own benchmark performance of 16 hours with ARDEX K15).

At Berkley Vale Private Hospital the entire remove, prepare and install project was completed in just one day. The existing vinyl was taken up and the floor mechanically prepared to remove old adhesive residue before morning tea. The floor was then primed with ARDEX P51 before creating a perfectly level subfloor with a 3mm coat of ARDEX A55. Immediately after lunch the floor was ready for the installation of the new vinyl.

The development of A55 has achieved a product that is easy to install – 1mm to any thickness in one application – is self-smoothing and suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The rapid-drying levelling and smoothing compound is designed to level and smooth internal sub-floors prior to applying a variety of floor finishes. It can be installed over a number of substrates including concrete, ceramic and terrazzo.

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