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產品名稱 ARDEX LQ 92

Under Tile Levelling Compound


ARDEX LQ 92 is a cement-based underlay for levelling uneven concrete floors prior to tiling. Not recommended for use under vinyl coverings.
• Self smoothing
• Polymer modified – apply from feather edge to 10mm
• Early walkability – tile over after approx 4 hours
• Suitable for use with underfloor heating
• May be mixed with ARDEX Abalastic liquid when incorporating heating wires.


  • Bed Thickness:
    • 10mm down to feather edge
    • For thicknesses over 10mm and up to 25mm, mix with 2mm – 5mm aggregate
  • 應用界面:
    • Concrete
  • 地點:
    • Internal
    • External (not subject to freeze/thaw)
  • 場合:
    • Floors
  • 顏色:
    • Grey
  • 耗用量:
    • 20kg unit covers approx 3.8m2 at 3mm;
    • 2.9m2 at 4mm bed thickness
  • 包裝:
    • 20kg triple layered bag

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