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產品名稱 ARDEX S 4

Green Slab Seal


ARDEX S 4 is a water based liquid solution designed to penetrate deeply into the concrete slab reducing the risk of moisture related problems.
ARDEX S 4 can be applied to green concrete slabs where it will penetrate deeply into the slab and react with the free lime forming a hardened gel substance; filling pores, voids, hairline cracks and trapped air cells, creating a permanent slab seal against moisture.


  • Installation:
    • ARDEX S4 is applied using a backpack low pressure sprayer for small to medium jobs
    • For larger projects an airless HVLP sprayer can be used
  • After Installation:
    • It is important that the treated surface is sanded and vacuumed after 24 hours from application
    • Refer to the product data sheet, or contact AFRDEX technical services
  • 應用界面:
    • New or green existing concrete slabs
  • 耗用量:
    • ARDEX S4 will cover approximately 60m2/15L cube at a coverage rate of 4m2/L
  • 包裝:
    15L cube