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產品名稱 ARDEX A 45

Rapid Hardening & Drying Repair Mortar


ARDEX A 45 is a rapid drying and rapid hardening slump free repair mortar. With exceptional hardness and shrinkage free finish, ARDEX A 45 is ideal for creating new ramps, forming coves, patch repairs, stairs, making good around penetrations and filling cracks. The surface can be smoothed when wet trowelled prior to final set suitable for the installation of floor coverings.


  • 施工厚度:
    • 2-30mm in one application • Bulkfill to 40mm
  • 商用地材:
    • Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
    • Ceramic and quarry tiles
    • Timber – parquetry and floating
  • 應用界面:
    • New and existing concrete
    • Concrete masonry or cement render
    • Impervious surfaces primed with ARDEX P82
  • Drying & Curing:
    • Sets in approximately 15 minutes
    • Ready for floor coverings after approximately 90 minutes
  • 地點:
    • Internal above or below grade applications
  • 耗用量:
    • 12m2 at 1mm
  • 包裝:
    • 20kg triple layered bag
    • 4.5kg pail

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