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產品名稱 ARDEX A 46

Rapid Hardening, Rapid Drying, Slump-Free Mortar for External Repairs


ARDEX A 46 is a rapid setting and drying, slump-free mortar. Easy to use ARDEX A 46 mixes and trowels easily and gives a smooth finish on both walls and floors. The exceptional hardness and shrinkage free finish of ARDEX A 46 is ideal for creating new ramps, forming coves, patch repairs, stairs, making good around penetrations and filling cracks.


  • 施工厚度:
    • 2-30mm in one application
  • 應用界面:
    • New and existing concrete, moist or dry
  • Coatings:
    • Polyurethane coatings
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Membrane coatings
    • Ceramic and quarry tiles
  • 地點:
    • External and Internal
    • Above or below grade application
  • 顏色:
    • Grey
  • 耗用量:
    • 6m2 at 3mm
  • 乾燥時間:
    • Walkable in 2 to 4 hours
    • Ready for tile or surface coatings from 24 hours
  • 包裝:
    • 25kg triple layered bag